The brand about chasing experiences and facing fears!

Trent Schulz

Hello, I’m the owner of Free Fall Cowboy. I started this brand shortly after I quit my job and hit the road to go rodeo. Making money in the rodeo wasn’t always the case for me, so when Free Fall Cowboy came to mind which I thought of between rodeos and Skydiving, I decided that would be a brand I’d love to have. After 3 months of surviving on the road I came home and took every penny I had left to get some shirts together before I went back on the road again.
As of now I am not riding anymore but I am doing my other love , Skydiving and BASE Jumping. I get to stay involved and support rodeo through my brand as I still travel cross country with the PRCA setting up booths.
My goal with this brand, now that I am not supporting my rodeo addiction anymore, is to support JR. Rodeo contestants! The more FFCB grows and the more hats you wear, the more we can contribute.